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Mille Holst
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We’re pleased to announce our latest partnership with Yapster, the all-secure instant messaging app for frontline staff, for a couple of reasons:

  1. They’re great. It’s a tool that makes one-to-one, group communication and social sharing easy for deskless teams. What’s not to love about that?
  2. It’s set in motion a new feature that we’re really excited about.


Together, we’ve built an automated way for frontline staff leaving their job to sign up to Catapult to pick up available shifts.

With many people leaving part-time jobs because their shifts don’t fit around their lives, newly onboarded candidates can use Catapult to get more flexibility from their previous employers and receive payment via us. Having access to this alumni network of staff will help companies maintain more consistent, high employee standards. 

Of the partnership, our co-founder Steffen Wulff Petersen, said:

"60% of retail managers say that employees quit because of scheduling conflicts. Through our partnership with Yapster, people can keep working for their past companies but with the added bonus of being able to choose their shifts. For employers, it means they get to keep great employees after they leave the business by allowing them to continue working shifts across their stores.” 

Rob Liddiard, co-founder and CEO of Yapster said:

“Everything we do is about helping brands to deliver the best possible customer experience through their people. The ability to access reliable, experienced staff is integral to this. We’re thrilled to be working with Catapult to help our customers stay connected with more of their ‘alumni’ and create a more efficient process for shift seekers and hiring companies alike. We hope to be rolling this out to pilot customers in the very near future.” 

Yapster mark full orange RGB CAPS OLAbout Yapster 

Yapster is a secure, all-company instant messaging app for organisations with frontline (deskless) teams, enabling one-to-one and group conversations and company-wide social sharing. 

Behind the simple, intuitive UI we have built a wealth of features and functionality to meet the needs of deskless organisations. It’s this, combined with our ability to integrate with, and broaden access to, other core systems which means that you can use Yapster to engage your entire workforce, from frontline to HQ; grow sales by embedding practices that drive commercial performance, and; optimise your frontline and people operations and reduce costs. We also help you to keep your staff safe, maintain control of your data, and stay GDPR compliant. 

It pays to talk. Some of the biggest names on the high street, including Caffè Nero, Next and Wagamama, are generating significant value by connecting teams to each other and the tools they need to succeed. 

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